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Take aways on the next steps of CBDC development in the UK from the appearance of John Cunliffe at Treasury Committee
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Security and Privacy: What The Digital Pound Paper says about some of the key questions relating to the launch of a UK CBDC
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Technology and Transparency Go Hand in Hand In The Digital Financial System
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Mark Cliffe
Co-Founder and CTO
Digital Financial Inclusion: The role of CBDCs in widening access to financial services
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Amit Sharma
Founder & CEO
CBDCs could bridge Ce-Fi with De-Fi, but interoperability will be the key
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Central Bank Digital Currencies can hold the key to a better international payment system
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DFMI Response to Crypto & Digital Assets APPG: Crypto Inquiry 2022
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The Digital FMI Consortium
The world is long overdue an internet for money
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Paul Sisnett
Mitigating the Risks of CBDCs
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Brunello Rosa
CEO & Head of Research
Rosa & Roubini Associates
The Practical Benefits of CBDCs
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Kunal Jhanji
Managing Director & Partner
Boston Consulting Group